Recruite Talents!

Posted Date: 2022-8-24

In order to expand our business, we need talents to join us, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us, the income below is just for your reference, if you are a talented person, you can earn more than that!

 Position Name Qualification Responsibility Welfare

Social Marketing Specialist 

Work place: Guangzhou:

Persons Needed: One

At least 1 year work experience;

Fluent in English;

Write advertising article for our products and website.

Post articles to social media.

Analyse the statistics of social media and adjust marketing plan.


Java software engineer 

Work place: Guangzhou:

Persons Needed: Two

Major in computer science in college or university; 

At least 3 year programming experience;

Master with Spring MVC/MyBatis;

Master with Git;

Build software management system with Java for our product database, order management and CRM. CNY10000/month
Software Test Engineer

Test the stability of our sofeware system.

Find bugs.

Test the speed and robust.


Customer Service Specialist 

Work place: Guangzhou:

Persons Needed: Three

Fluent in English;

At least 1 year work experience as customer service;


answer customer's questions responsively;

Help customer solve their problem when they browse our products or place orders;

Make customer experience excellent.



Work place: Guangzhou:

Persons Needed: Two

At least one year purchasing experience;

 Quality control;

Order must be delivered to our warehouse on time;

Purchasing Cost control;



If you think you suit the above position, please submit your resume to:, we will reply to your submission within 3 working days!


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